"Robertstown's Silo Art"

At the March 2018 meeting of the Robertstown Community Management Inc. it was moved that CM Inc move towards having the Viterra silos painted with a mural depicting the local area.

All of the relevant information was sought from Viterra and it was found that some of the criteria may be difficult to comply, especially being able to view the silos completely from the road due to some trees obstructing them.

Another issue is the cost to do it.

View from the Northern End

Viewing from the Southern End

In May 2019, Viterra announced that the Robertstown Silos would be closed and due to this occurring, the Community Management Committee moved that if Viterra do not receive any grain into them within 2 years, in lieu of them not doing it, they be requested to pay for the Silo Art to be done.

It is felt that this may be "a big ask" due to Viterra's reasons for closing of the silos where they stated:

In a statement to the Barossa Herald, Viterra operations manager Michael Hill said the decision reflected a changing environment.

Mr Hill said the closed sites represented less than two per cent of total receivals over the past five years.

"To best meet the changing needs of growers, Viterra's investment is focused on its larger sites where it can provide the highest level of service to growers," he said.

"This includes the ability to handle all truck configurations, segregation options, elevation capacity, turnaround times, opening hours, infrastructure and staffing."

Mr Hill said Viterra would continue to invest in infrastructure and services "to provide most value to customers safely and sustainably."

In the event of Viterra not meeting the request, other avenues to do it will have to be investigated.

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