Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower Construction

The location of the tower was revealed which will be at the corner of Geranium Plains & Gully Road approximately 3.2 Kilometres East of Robertstown.

Geranium Plains Road Sign

Gully Road Sign

Geranium Plains and Gully Road Signs

A feasibility has been done & design is progressing, a new transmission Ring is being constructed through Robertstown the Exchange for transmission. This will take a few months & is a substantial project in itself.

The current plan is to start on site by 12th Oct 2018 with initial foundation work and normal construction period is approx. 4-5 weeks.

Expected site complete date is mid-November at this stage.

900m of new fibre cable will be hauled from exchange to East & Geranium Plains Rd using existing infrastructure.

3.2km of new Fibre will then be ploughed from there to Base Station at the bottom of the tower which will be 84 metres high.

Cable work that was done

Tower Foundations

Base Station

A video that was taken near the end of the construction of the Mobile Phone Tower that was constructed on the 13th November 2018

For more photos of the construction of the tower, go to TOWER PHOTOS

Mobile Phone Tower Details

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Area Coverage

Robertstown promised a Mobile Phone Tower

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower Construction

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower Construction Photos

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