"Robertstown's Mobile Phone Area Coverage"
For quite some years, the reception for Mobile Phone reception in the Robertstown area has been very limited.

After many years of the Regional Council of Goyder and the Robertstown Community Management Inc. perusing this issue with limited success, they were finally successful in being able to conduct a community meeting with Telstra Officials and the local member of Parliament Mr. Rowan Ramsey MP.
The meeting took place on the 7th September 2011 in the Robertstown Peace Hall Supper Room with Mr. John Tonkin, Area General Manager, SA North & West Telstra Country Wide and Mr. Jeff Craddock, Local Customer Service Manager, SA North & West Telstra Country Wide in attendance to hear the history of Mobile Phone coverage in the area as given by Mr. Adrian Menzel on behalf of the Robertstown Community Management Inc. who convened the meeting and from community members with the problems that they were having, not only mobile phone but also with Wireless Internet.
John Tonkin advised the meeting that all infrastructure that Telstra put in place is done on a commercial basic and by revenue generated. Due to the area being low the chances of doing something immediately was very low, however he was going to have discussions with other Telstra Officials with the view to place it on a "to do" list.

Rowan Ramsey also spoke to the meeting and advised that due to the Liberal Party being in opposition, it makes it difficult for him to do very much, but he has had discussions with the Opposition Spokesman for Communications, Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP with the view of him making the Minister of Communications & Broadband, Senator Stephen Conroy to resolve the issue. He also stated that he would be seeking funding from the Government to assist Telstra in constructing a Tower.

With the election of the Liberal Party to govern Australia in 2013, they introduced a Mobile Black Spot Programme.
The Mobile Black Spot Programme is an Australian Government initiative to extend mobile phone coverage and competition in regional Australia. The programme will invest in telecommunications network infrastructure to improve coverage of high quality mobile voice and wireless broadband services and competition in the provision of these services.

The Government has committed $100 million (GST exclusive) over four years to the delivery of the Mobile Black Spot Programme. The programme will improve coverage along major transport routes, in small communities and in locations prone to experiencing natural disasters, as well as addressing unique mobile coverage problems.

Since December 2013, over 4000 locations have been added to the database being developed to identify locations eligible for funding under the programme of which the Robertstown & surrounding areas is one of them.

With the closure of the Mobile Black Spot Database of Reported Locations on 1 August 2014 this database will be shared with mobile carriers and infrastructure providers to assist them in preparing their applications. Applicants seeking funding under the programme will propose mobile base stations to deliver coverage to one or more locations on the database.

The Government is currently finalising the design of the programme and expects to announce the locations that have been selected to receive funding for improved mobile coverage in the first quarter of 2015.

Update - 27/06/2015

Robertstown was unsuccessful with their submission in the first round so we will be resubmitting for the second round which will be finalised at the end of 2015.

Mobile Phone Tower Details

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Area Coverage

Robertstown promised a Mobile Phone Tower

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower Construction

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower Construction Photos

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