Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower - Survey & Reports

With the tower being operational since November 2018, the Robertstown Community Management Inc. Committee through their Communications Officer, Adrian Menzel is monitoring the performance of it and from time to time will be reporting to Telstra the results from Survey Forms that were sent out with the Robbie Roundup.

If anyone who visits the area, they also can do the same thing.

The forms are still available and can be used by anyone to fill out and send it to him either via Email - Adrian Menzel or dropped of at the Robertstown & Point Pass's Post Offices.

These are the forms that can be downloaded:

Mobile Phone Survey & Report Form in PDF

Mobile Phone Survey & Report Form in Word

Summary of Reports Submitted

Location: Problem: Location: Reported:
2 Kms South of Eudunda on the Worlds End Highway Service Reduced 3 Kms South of Neales Flat Receiving Service - Did not have it before
Worlds End - 2 Kms North of the Burra Creek - Previously had some service in the area No Service    


Information Received by Telstra


Information Received



Mobile Phone Tower Details

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Area Coverage

Robertstown promised a Mobile Phone Tower

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower Construction

Robertstown's Mobile Phone Tower Construction Photos

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