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  •  About the Project

The project will consist of:

1) A wind farm up to 163 Turbines to a maximum height of 240 metres with a capacity of up to 1200MW

2) 2 Solar Farms with a capacity of up to 600MW over 3000 Hectares

3) Energy Storage facility with a capacity of up to 900MW/1,800MWh (2Hours)

  •  Construction Works

The associated works with the farms will include energy infrastructure (e.g. Sub Stations, Access Roads, Underground Cabling and overhead Transmission Lines) permanent operations and maintenance compounds and Meteorological Masts.

Temporary construction compounds for both wind and solar components, including concrete batching plants, storage and laydown areas will be established during the construction phase.

  •  Location

The project area encompasses the ranges and plains between the Barrier and the Goyder Highways, over 30,000 Hectares and various land parcels, spanning a distance of 27km from the South and South-West of Burra (starting 5km from the Town Centre to North of Robertstown.

The development site is located within the Primary Zone of the Goyder Council Development Plan (Consolidated 24th November 2016)

(August 2020) Neoen Australia Pty Ltd is in the process of having the Development approved by the Government.

The notice in the Leader Newspaper about the Construction of the Farms

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