"ABB Grain Ltd"

Robertstown Silos

Previously - Ausbulk Ltd & South Australian Co-operative Bulk Handling Ltd (SACBH)

Silo Rd

Contact Details:


Phone: (08) 8581 7121


UHF CB Radio: Channel 40 - Call - "Robertstown Silo"

Grower Help Line

Grain Marketing Information: Phone 1800 100 419 (free call)

Below is a selection of photo's of the 2002/2003 Harvest.

ausbulk_lineup.JPG (81590 bytes)

Travis Friebel at the Sampling Room.

ausbulk_sample.JPG (77831 bytes)

Agent, Frank Vluggen sampling a load of wheat that Milton (Mickey Schmidt) is about to deliver.

ausbulk_test.JPG (76180 bytes)

Frank testing the grain for screenings.

ausbulk_weigh_in.JPG (81409 bytes)

Neil Mosey's load being weighed

ausbulk_weighbridge.JPG (77397 bytes)

Kelly Eberhard writing down the weight of a load on the weigh note.

ausbulk_unload.JPG (84185 bytes)

Brenton Launer unloading his truck at the grid.

ausbulk_control.JPG (78484 bytes)

Vicki Freeman at the Control Panel switching over to another cell for a different variety of grain that is being delivered.

ausbulk_weigh_out.JPG (78250 bytes)

Malcolm Schutz about to get into his truck after weighing out.

ausbulk_silo.JPG (36378 bytes)

A view of the Silos from the Eastern side. The outloading chutes can be seen on the right.

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