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Wombats East of Robertstown
First Overseas Email
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Janetzki's visit Robertstown


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Robertstown - "Community Awards" 
Preventative Maintenance
Robertstown - "Australia Day - Citizen of the Year" Awards
Re-opening of the Light Hotel - Eudunda
Tothill Fire
Brady Creek Flowing - 2016
Earthquake at Robertstown on 8th February 2018

On the 12th October 1986, Steam Ranger (South Australia) used its Rx class steam locomotive 207 to haul a tourist train from Adelaide Terminal (Keswick, South Australia) to Robertstown (South Australia) - which made this steam train's trip the last to visit Robertstown.


A copy of a Train Enthusiast's Video Diary 12th October 1986

A wombat was just about to go into his burrow underneath the Morgan/Whyalla Pipeline, approximately 500 metres west of Gavin & Tracey Rodda's, which is approximately 12 Kilometres east of Robertstown.

Wombats have been seen in this there for quite some time and are in various other locations within the area.

On Saturday, 25th May 2002, the Webmaster had the pleasure of receiving the first overseas Email.

Below, is a copy of the Email.

From: "Meiread Ashe"
To: amen@rt.rbe.net.au
Sent: Saturday, 25 May 2002 1:21 PM
Subject: Robertstown Website Query
Hey love your site
I come from Robertstown ............ Ireland ......... a big hello to your town ........ we are small rural town ............ by the grand canal
Thanks for the visit to your community I enjoyed it
Meiread Ashe
Robertstown West
Co. Kildare

      John Heinsen of Robertstown and two of his team of working are all.....  


Recent success has seen John take out "top honours" at sheep dog trials held at Farrell Flat, South Australia and Tatura, Victoria.
Against 50 other Australia wide entries, "Narcooma Ripper" took out first prize in the highest division of the Victorian Yard Dog Trial at Tatura.
Not to be out done, another of John's dogs, "Bazz's Santa G" completed the success of the weekend by coming in as runner up in the same division.
John's success continued at the Farrell Flat Easter Trial, where dogs show their versatility by entering in 2 different types of trials; yard trialling (races, trucks etc using 15 sheep) and three-sheep trialling (paddock with obstacle course).
This time Santa G claimed the esteemed title of "Sheepdog Champion" by gaining the highest combination score for both trials, and Ripper continued the winning streak by coming in a close 2nd.
Between them over the past 12 months Ripper & Santa have won 10 trials in 3 different states gaining several second and third placing.
These two 'top dogs'  head a team of five working dogs that include 3 Black and Tan Kelpies from various studs in Australia (one becoming an up and coming apprentice), a Short Haired Border Collie on order from Dubbo N.S.W. and a faithful Blue Heeler/Labrador cross as stand by.
John's passion for his beloved mates, sees him training his dogs by day and night and travelling the country to enter trials far and wide.

He also is available to use his team of dogs for anyone that requires that type of service. For further information, use the link provided.

Viking's Working Dog Service

During January 2006, the Janetzki family (James - previous Lutheran minister, now at Parkes/Forbes NSW) visited Robertstown.

They caught up with Christine Ruediger and had lunch at the Menzel's, as they had to pick up some furniture that they had in storage.

The Janetzki Family at the Menzel's residence



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