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Copyworld have generously come in again as the naming rights sponsor for the 2011 COPYWORLD Walky 100 at Robertstown. We thank them sincerely for their support and hope you will support them

The annual Walkerville All Car Club will conduct the “Copyworld” Walky 100 on Saturday, 23rd June 2012 with the Rally Headquarters being the Robertstown Oval with the event being Round 2 of the South Australian Rally Championship.

Stage Sponsors: Copyworld

Rudham Lawyers The WACC is affiliated with CAMS Saratoga Distribution
Parsons Tabo

Bott Austalasia

Phantom Screene

Entry List Spectator Guide

There were 23 cars that entered for the event, however 1 car did not start.

The first car departed the Rally Headquarters, Robertstown Oval at 11:00am for the Special Stages, which consisted of day and night driving, which was set up by the Organisers for the Drivers and Navigators to negotiate and went through the areas around Robertstown, including Worlds End Creek, Emu Downs, Brady Creek, Julia and Ngapala.

Thank you also to the following organisations, without which the 2011 COPYWORLD Walky 100 at Robertstown could not run.
Stage Sponsors:
Bott Australasia
Rudham Lawyers
Saratoga Distribution
Phantom Screens
Parsons Tabo
The Residents and Landowners of Robertstown
All Officials including the Organising Committee, Road Officials, Course Car crews, HQ officials and CAMS Stewards.
Contributing Organisations:
SA Ambulance Service
St John Ambulance Brigade (Operations) Branch
Australian Citizen Radio Monitors (ACRM)
SA Police Department
Southern Saints Football Club
Robertstown Country Fire Service (CFS)
Tschirn's Mechanical - Robertstown
Regional Council of Goyder

After the daylight session, the cars returned to the oval and were attended to by their Service Crew/s to check them for any faults and make any adjustments that may have been required.

There were 7 cars that did not finish the event due to mechanical failure.

Communications for the event for the safety of competitors and scoring for the event were conducted by the Australian Citizens Radio Monitors (ACRM) – Gawler/Barossa Division.

The Eudunda/Robertstown (Southern Saints) Football Club catered for everyone with food & drink available and going by the report at the finish by the organisers “the event was a success”.

Congratulations to Russell Marker & Karien Heimsohn on their win.

1st Outright Russell Marker & Karien Heimsohn
2nd Outright Stephen Wade & Simon Wade
3rd Outright James Rodda & Marcus Pirisiti
1st 2WD Neville Whittenbury & Brad Gibson
Revolution Racegear Teams Award TEAM: Don't Call Me Micky
Walky 500 Trophy Neville Whittenbury & Brad Gibson


2011 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Provisional Positions - At End of Event - Pending FINAL checks


Overall, the event ran smoothly and was very successful.

For more information about the Car Rallies, go to the Walkerville All Cars Club - RallySA - Australian Rally Championship Websites.

Video of the event along with interviews at the end of the event was done by Pure Motorsport

Go to Pure Motorsport to view what was done

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