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"Copyworld Walky 100 - 2010"

The annual Walkerville All Car Club conducted the “Copyworld” Walky 100 on Saturday, 14th August 2010 with the Rally Headquarters being the Robertstown Oval with the event being Round 3 of the South Australian Rally Championship.

The years main sponsor for the event was "Copyworld" with stage sponsors as listed below.

One Big Hill: Adlab

Eaglehawk: Scouts Rally SA

Hallelujah Hills 1: Rudham Lawyers

Hallelujah Hills 2: Parsons Tabo

Roast Revisited: "Marker Family"


Saratonga Distribution:

Entry List Spectator Guide

There were 23 cars that entered for the event, however 2 cars did not start.

The weather leading up prior to the event consisted of an average of 25mm of rain 5 days prior to the event and then some more the night before.

During the days, showers were frequent, being light to heavy which made the stages, especially the western one very slippery.

The first car departed the Rally Headquarters, Robertstown Oval at 11:00am for the Special Stages, which consisted of day and night driving, which was set up by the Organisers for the Drivers and Navigators to negotiate and went through the areas around Robertstown, including Worlds End Creek, Emu Downs, Brady Creek, Julia and Ngapala.

The cars that started

Car 520

Declan Dwyer/Claire Ryan

Car 603

Gary Brown/Mike Dale

Car 525

Mitchell Hall/Janah McLean

Car 555

James Rodda/Marcus Pirisiti

Car 702

Russell Marker/Karien Heimsohn

Car 502

Alexander Nott/Tania Wearing

Car 519

Stephen Wade/Simon Wade

Car 401

Dave Hall/Mandy Rudham

Car 321

Wayne Mason/David Langfield

Car 615

Paul Heenan/Adam Branford

Car 301

Jason Sims/Damien Wilson

Car 508

Chris Bennett/Damien Reed

Car 621

Neil Gehan/Andrea Gehan

Car 514

James Robertson/Daniel Young

Car 227

Guy Tyler/Brendan Warner

Car 803

Brian Smith/Douglas Glover

Car 402

Michael Hogan/Sonja Wight

Car 407

Simon Wenzel/Brett Mason-Fyfe

Car 201

Geoff Hobby/Peter Tann

Officials Cars

OA - Paul Kinnear

98 - Andrew Challen

99 - Andrew Gooley


More information & photos of Rally Control, Service & an "Oldie"

After the daylight session, the cars returned to the oval and were attended to by their Service Crew/s to check them for any faults and make any adjustments that may have been required.

There were 4 cars that did not finish the event due to mechanical failure.

Communications for the event for the safety of competitors and scoring for the event were conducted by the Australian Citizens Radio Monitors (ACRM) – Gawler/Barossa Division.

The Eudunda/Robertstown Football Club catered for everyone with food & drink available and going by the report at the finish by the organisers “the event was a success”.

Congratulations to Garry Brown and Mike Dale on a convincing win.

1st Outright Garry Brown & Mike Dale
2nd Outright Russell Marker & Karien Heimsohn
3rd Outright James Rodda & Marcus Pirisiti
1st 2WD Guy Tyler & Brendan Warner
First Outright on Handicap Russell Marker & Karien Heimsohn
Revolution Racegear Teams Award TEAM: Young Guns
Walky 500 Trophy Alexander Nott & Tanya Wearing


2010 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Provisional Positions - At End of Event - Pending FINAL checks

 2010 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Provisional Times - Loop 1 - SS1-SS3 2010 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Provisional Times - Loop 2 - SS4-SS6
 2010 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Provisional Times - Loop 3 - SS7-SS9 2010 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Provisional Times - Loop 4 - SS10-SS11
2010 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Provisional Liaison Penalties 2010 COPYWORLD Walky 100 Legend for Stage Reports


Overall, the event ran smoothly and was very successful.

For more information about the Car Rallies, go to the Walkerville All Cars Club - RallySA - Australian Rally Championship Websites.

Video of the event along with interviews at the end of the event was done by Pure Motorsport

Go to Pure Motorsport to view what was done

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