"A Ride in a Rally Car"

On Sunday morning after the 2005 Rally, the Webmaster attended the Robertstown Oval to confirm Provisional Results with the organisers and during this time he was speaking to a Rally Driver, Mark Howson No. 32 who owned and drove a 1975 Ford Escort car.

Mark and his Pit Crew had camped at the oval overnight and were returning home that day.

Mark was the Provisional Winner of Class H1 & 2 - Historic 1 Pre 1968 & Historic 2 1968 - 1975 of which he was thrilled to win.

The Webmaster has a high interest in Motor Sport and during the course of their conversation, 2 issues arose. Mark made comment about the lack of publicity that Rallying in South Australia receives and the Webmaster commented how he would like to have a ride in a Rally Car.

It did not take long for a "deal to be done"

Mark offered him a ride in his Rally Car, acting as the role of Navigator due to his high knowledge of the Robertstown area and the Webmaster would acknowledge him on the Internet.

The Webmaster made a phone call to a local Land Owner to seek permission to go onto his property to have a run and this was approved. This was done so that the drive was NOT on PUBLIC PROPERTY and not to bring the sport into disrepute.

After the run, the Webmaster took some photos of Mark and his Pit Crew together with a friend of his, Paul Kinnear No. 26 who was also still present at the oval.

Thanks Mark!

wacc_car_trial_05_1161.JPG (287099 bytes)

Mark Howson's Car No. 35 - 1975 Ford Escort

wacc_car_trial_05_1164.JPG (283726 bytes)

Car Nos. 26 & 35 and the Service Vehicle

wacc_car_trial_05_1163.JPG (293573 bytes)

L - R: Rebecca Kinnear, Tim Robertson, Luke Richards, Jamie Robertson, Zach (Dog) Mathew Richards - Hart, Paul Kinnear, Mark Howson & Veronica Harper

Walkerville All Cars Club - Robertstown Car Rally 2005
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