Robertstown sets up Email Addresses for Businesses, Community & Sporting Organisation's and Individual's

Robertstown has its own Website which is owned by the Robertstown War Memorial Community Centre and funded by the Robertstown Community Management Inc.

As a result of this and having a Domain Name (Address) the company that hosts it have just advised the Webmaster that within the Domain Name of they have extended their service which will now include email addresses within the Domain Name and Website hosting.

Using the Robertstown Community Management Inc. name, there has been configured an email address that anyone can use to contact the Robertstown Community Management Inc.

The address is so add it to your address book and use it when you want to contact the Robertstown Community Management Inc.

Due to now having this service, as the Webmaster and Administrator of the Website, which includes the Domain Name and Website Hosting I am offering a Free Email Address to anyone that wants one.

I understand that most people would have their own email address, but the way that the free one is configured it is done in a very simple manner and it is very easy to remember it plus easy to know and remember others as well which is along the lines as shown for the Robertstown Community Management Inc.

For the Webmaster it would be so as you can see it is very simple and free.

If you take this Free Service after I have configured your service you will receive an email containing all of the information advising you how to set it up on your computer.

Due to me only having limited local person's email addresses in my address book and can only give this information to limited members of the community, can you please spread the word so that other members of the community get to know about it.

In the event of you wanting more information or wanting your email address, please Email me and I will assist you where I can.


Adrian Menzel - Webmaster

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