"Churches within the Robertstown Area"

There are Five (5) churches that are still used in the area, with two in Robertstown, however, there are numerous others that are no longer used for worship, but they have been put to other uses.

The Five are:

  •    Robertstown Lutheran Church
  •    Robertstown Uniting Church
  •    Point Pass Lutheran Church
  •    Geranium Plain Lutheran Church
  •    Point Pass Anglican Church

The Lutheran churches are part of the Robertstown Lutheran Parish.

The Uniting church is part of the Light Parish.

The Anglican Church is part of the Kapunda Parish.

By "clicking" on the links below you can visit them:



One of the old Lutheran Churches that was used some years ago, was the "Emu Downs" church.

This was closed in 1989 and most of the members transferred to the Robertstown Lutheran Church and it was sold to some private persons.

Since then, unfortunately it was accidentally burnt down, however, it was refurbished and now is used as a place for people to stay to "get away from it all" and spend a weekend to enjoy the sights & attractions of  Robertstown and surrounding areas.

To visit it, "click" on the Link -   The Church - Emu Downs




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